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All-In-One Baby Diapers

Babykins all-in-one diapers are made with easy care in mind. Our all-in-one cloth diapers have a waterproof backing (92300 & 95300) so no waterproof pants are required. The absorbent centre has a flannel / terry cloth insert making for a very thirsty diaper.

Babykins all-in-one diapers are available in three styles – Pull-On Pant, Hook and Loop Pant, & Snap Pant.

Wash / dry at home for your convenience.

All-In-One Baby Diapers Size Chart

Size Weight
Newborn 5 – 8 Lbs
Small 8 – 12 Lbs
Medium 12 – 20 Lbs
Large 20 – 30 Lbs
X Large 30 – 35 Lbs
Toddler 35+ Lbs
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