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Babykins and KINS Knit Swatches

Please see our knit swatches below. If you want a specific swatch please contact us at or phone 604-275-2255 for availability.

Boy Print

Sleepy Teddy's On Blue Sleeping Teddy On Blue Blue Teddy's and Toys on Blue
Boy A
T-Shirt Teddy’s On Blue
Boy B
Sleeping Teddy On Blue
Boy C
Blue Teddy’s and Toys on Blue
Bears on Clouds on Blue
Boy D
Bears on Clouds on Blue
Boy E
Blue Rhinos on White
Boy F
Sleeping Teddy’s on
White Teal

Girl Print

Clowns on Pink Sleepy Teddy on Beige
Girl A
Clowns on Pink
Girl B
Sleeping Teddy On Biege
Girl C
T-Shirt Teddy’s On Pink
Girl D
Bunnies, Cats and Girls on Yellow

Neutral Print

Brown Teddy's on Beige
Neutral A
Teddy’s and Hearts on Beige
Neutral B
Letters and Numbers on White

Solid Colours

white Pink Navy
White Pink Navy
Blue black  
Blue Black