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02 – Adult Cloth Diaper with Extra Padding 11500

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Formerly known as the DPF cloth diaper. 100% cotton flannelette with an easily-adjustable unique hook and loop closure at waist & leg. This brief slightly different than our original 10500. It comes with a square patch over the loop closure over the hip area (towards the front)and the ear has two hook closure for a secure fastening. It has a poly, cotton terry insert for a soft absorbent insert that stays soft and comfortable during wearing. Easily doubled or even tripled with inserts - two layers of flannel sandwich an extra absorbent panel. Easy to care for just machine wash and dry. Available in white or print.

Size Chart


Size Small Medium Large X-large S-Large
Waist 28-32” 32-36” 36-40” 40-44” 44-48”
Max Hip Width 36" 40" 44" 48" 52"
Side Seam 6" 6.5" 7" 7.5" 8"
Crotch Width 9" 9.5" 10" 10.5" 11"
Leg Width 12-26" 14-28.5" 16-31" 33.5" 20-36"
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