KINS and Babykins Print Swatches

We are proud to announce we have added a swatch page to our website so you can view our latest prints. They are organized by flannel, knit and vinyl. If you would like to view them click here. If you would like a specific print please contact us via email at

Diaper Pinning

There are many different ways to pin a diaper…here’s one for you to try. We may take diaper pinning for granted, but there are many ways to perform this simple task. One way that increases comfort, and really helps the diaper stay in place, is the use of four pins to secure the waist and leg openings.

Tug the diaper to stretch it, then fit it to your body, pinning the waist as snugly as you can. Try to pin the legs toward the outside of the thighs, also as tightly as you can manage. This will avoid the discomfort a pin can cause at the juncture of groin and thigh. Once you have the legs securely pinned, gentle tugging at the diaper should allow any slack to develop at the waist which you can now re-pin and adjust for your comfort.
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